ZeroNorth and Cargill sign deal on software for vessel and voyage optimization

ZeroNorth and Cargill entered into to a three-year contract in which ZeroNorth will become Cargill’s primary software provider for vessel and voyage optimization.

According to ZeroNorth, the deal will see ZeroNorth become the main optimisation partner for more than 600 vessels. The companies claim that the deal will positively contribute to Cargill’s environmental and commercial goals.

Cargill commenced its strategic partnership with ZeroNorth in 2020. The partnership has expanded over time, with Cargill and ZeroNorth working together to develop ZeroNorth’s advanced, market-leading fuel model and develop solutions for the dry bulk market. ZeroNorth has expanded the company’s offering to a wider customer base based on the commercial success Cargill has achieved over the years.

This three-year deal with Cargill shows the significant value of our full service offering and the benefits that can be generated by our holistic ZeroNorth platform.

… said Niels Snog, CCO at ZeroNorth

Eman Abdalla, Global Operations Director for Cargill Ocean Transportation, added that ZeroNorth will continue to deliver the high-quality and impactful service that they are accustomed to.

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