Zero-carbon ships may be ready prior to land-based infrastructure, LR notes

Specifically, speaking during the roundtable, Nick Brown highlighted that zero-carbon ships will likely be ready before the land-based infrastructure.

He commented that

It is hugely positive that so many in the maritime industry are moving forward with decarbonisation initiatives, and we expect to see deep-sea Zero Carbon Emission Vessels technically ready to be in the water by 2024.

Brown was speaking at the first annual UN Global Compact CEO Roundtable on the decarbonisation of shipping, which aims to guide policymaking on ocean stewardship to reach the ambitions set out in the UN’s Ocean Stewardship 2030 report. It was part of the UN’s 75th General Assembly.

Overall, the shipping industry has been focusing on reducing carbon emissions from the global fleet, and half the levels produced in 2008, by 2050.

Concerning shipping emissions, a recent research by University of Manchester revealed that the shipping industry must focus on reducing the emissions from existing ships rather than wait for low-carbon vessels to enter its fleet.

In efforts to reduce the shipping emissions, more innovative solutions are emerging. One of them seems very promising. Its name is: Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). While this method is not being used widespread today, it has the potential to be a great tool in achieving our climate goals.

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