WMU marks progress towards Cyber-MAR project

To remind, the University, leading the work package 6 (WP6), focuses on training and awareness activities.

In fact, work package 6 (WP6) includes the launch of complementary courses that cover the training needs for all relevant professionals (ports, shipping operators, etc.).

As explained, the training is suitable for cyber-security/IT experts as well as non-IT-expert personnel of ports, shipping operators and linked entities influenced by possible cascading effects to raise the cyber-threat awareness level within those organisations through hands-on training.

Cyber-MAR is an effort to fully unlock the value of using cyber range in the maritime logistics value chain via the development of an innovative simulation environment adapting in the peculiarities of the maritime sector, but being at the same time easily applicable in other transport subsectors.

…as WMU noted.

For the records, the first Cyber-MAR training opportunity will take place 24-26 November, so as to address cyber security threats and basic concepts for reducing cyber risk in the maritime sector.

All physical and virtual training sessions will take into account experience, such as level of IT expertise. Regional training opportunities tailored to the local needs (e.g. local languages, awareness levels etc.) will also eventually be offered in the countries of the project partners.

In addition to leading WP6, WMU is contributing to the development and validation of econometric models, providing meaningful information and insights for the Cyber-MAR community stakeholders with a focus on insurance companies and governmental bodies.

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