Watch: Three practices to low shipping carbon intensity

Meeting the IMO’s 2030 and 2050 greenhouse gas targets requires a robust decarbonization strategy, one that considers evolving technologies, alternative fuel advancements, as well as safety and risk factors.

In the latest ABS publication, 3 Steps to a Decarbonization Strategy, Pathways to Reduce your Carbon Intensity we outline the approach to develop and achieve your decarbonization goals.

In fact, the ABS approach to developing a decarbonization strategy centers around three steps:

  1. Develop your carbon footprint and carbon intensity profile
  2. Consider your options
  3. Implement your strategy

Lowering the carbon footprint of an industry that moves almost 90% of global trade is a significant undertaking. Change on that scale will not come quickly, great efforts will be required to ensure that shipping’s positive contributions to global trade and the economy remain visible for all to see.

..ABS concluded.


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