Watch: The “First Wave” of zero emission shipping

Accordingly, the transmission to a low carbon future will require the whole value chain to cooperate.

The coalition supports that if the industry can achieve transition to zero emissions, it can spur the decarbonization of other sectors, as well.

According to Randy Chen, Vice Chairman, Wan Hai Lines,

… Instead of just talking about actions, the Coalition has done a couple of things.

The Coalition recently produced the “First Wave”, a blueprint that was crafted with the Energy Transition Commission and outlines exactly what needs to happen so that the sector fullfils its goals.

Overall, Getting to Zero Coalition is an alliance of more than 90 companies across the maritime, energy, infrastructure and finance sectors, launched at the United Nations climate summit in New York on September 23, 2019.

The main idea is that climate change requires urgent action by all public and private sectors of the economy, including shipping. In this context, the partners seek to get commercially viable deep sea zero emission vessels fueled by zero emission fuels into operation by 2030.

The coalition was launched as a partnership by the Global Maritime Forum, and the Friends of Ocean action, World Economic Forum. Since its launch in September, dozens of organizations from the fields of maritime, energy, infrastructure and finance, have joined the effort.

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