Watch: Salvage engineers start Golden Ray cutting operations

To remind, the salvage operations of the motor vessel were first paused due to a combination of factors, including COVID-19 mitigation protocols, as well as the hurricane season.

However, Golden Ray, which capsized after leaving the Port of Brunswick in September 2019, will be dismantled in place and removed in sections.

What is more, salvors have set 16 lifting lugs on the wreck, so as to provide connection points for the U.S.-flagged VB 10,000, which has two 255-foot tall gantries that will use lengths of chain to cut the RoRo vessel into eight pieces and lift them onto barges for transportation to Gibson, La. for recycling.

The cutting process was carefully engineered and modeled, but it remains a highly complex operation. This is the first of seven cuts. During each cut we will continue fine-tuning our cutting parameters, including speed and tension of the chain, to improve its efficiency.Though the cut is taking longer than expected, we’re gaining valuable knowledge that will guide the rest of this operation.

…said Deputy Incident Commander Tom Wiker of Gallagher Marine Systems.

Concluding, the salvage project is considered a one of the largest and most complex in U.S. history.

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