Watch: Costa Smeralda damages lifeboat while docking at port of Savona

It is stated that the incident is being investigated, as the cause remains unknown. The vessel was returned to the port southwest of Genoa when apparently due to a maneuvering accident one of the lifeboats became wedged against the structures onshore. As the vessel proceeded forward the lifeboat was ripped from its davit causing extensive damage. The boat fell into the water.

Despite the destroyed lifeboat, there was no injury aboard the cruise ship or on the dock.

Italian media reported that there were no strong winds that might have contributed to the docking accident. In addition, Costa Cruises stated that the damaged lifeboat was retrieved and the ship later docked in Savona. An initial survey reports that the only apparent damage was to the lifeboat and the structures onshore. There was no damage to the hull of the cruise ship.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the vessel had halted its operations, when Costa Cruises announced that the line would resume cruises in February using one of its smaller cruise ships. Yet, they changed the plans, announcing that “Following a careful evaluation of the measures contained in the Italian government decree currently in force in Italy, Costa Crociere has decided to postpone the restart of its ships to March 13, 2021.”

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