Wartsila contributes to EU-funded CHEK project

To remind, Project CHEK aims to demonstrate a combination of innovative ship design and technologies operating in symbiosis, to achieve shipping decarbonization as currently, no technology is able to decarbonize long-distance shipping in light of the IMO’s ambitious 2050 and 2100 goals.

The project was launched by a consortium led by the University of Vaasa in Finland, BAR Technologies, Cargill Ocean Transportation, Climeon, Deltamarin, Hasytec Electronics, Lloyds Register, MSC Cruises, Silverstream Technologies and World Maritime University.

Wartsila’s participation in the project represents the company’s efforts in a greener maritime future. Jonas Åkerman, Director of Research and Technology Development at Wärtsilä explained that “there is no silver bullet to meeting the challenge of combating climate change, you need to exploit a number of parallel paths, and that’s exactly what we are doing together with our partners here. What makes the project so exciting is that we are stretching what can be done.”

This initiative is complemented with Wärtsilä’s Smart Partner Campus platform, where stakeholders are invited to participate in the co-creation of win-win solutions.

In addition to developing and testing the hydrogen engine, Wärtsilä’s contributions to the project will include the following;

  • System integration for both vessels, including hybridisation, energy storage and shore power connections
  • Developing a modular fuel-flexible powertrain for reduced fuel consumption and optimum efficiency
  • Implementing the novel gate rudder system for enhanced manoeuvrability and better efficiency
  • Route optimisation for the wind assisted bulker to take advantage of prevailing and forecasted wind conditions.

Concluding, the project is scheduled to kick off in spring 2021.

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