Wallenius Wilhelmsen sings for four methanol and ammonia car carriers

Wallenius Wilhelmsen has signed a letter of intent for four Shaper Class methanol-capable and ammonia-ready car carriers.

The letter of intent was signed with China’s Jinling Shipyard (Jiangsu), and delivery is expected to commence in the second half of 2026. With a capacity of 9,350 CEU (Car Equivalent Units), the vessels will be among the world’s largest Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTC).

However, with no clear direction on future fuel, this has not been an easy task. We needed time to assess what was the best option for us

… said Xavier Leroi, the company’s EVP & COO Shipping Services

Lasse Kristoffersen, CEO, Wallenius Wilhelmsen stated that there is an urgent need for the industry to transform over the next couple of years. He added that as a company, they are determined to shape this industry and lead the way to capitalize effectively on changing circumstances.

Energy efficiency & reducing GHG emissions is a top priority, and a lot of effort has put into ensuring the new vessels will significantly contribute to meeting our emission reduction targets!

… added Lars Ekren, Senior Manager – Newbuildings and Conversions at Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Methanol and ammonia are gaining increasing popularity within the industry. For instance, DNV added 48 methanol-fuelled ships (including retrofits) to its Alternative Fuels Insight (AFI) database in July alone.

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