Volkswagen opts for GoodFuels’ biofuel aiming to fossil-free car transport operations

Namely, the Depth RoRo carrier Patara was bunkered with 100% GoodFuels’ Bio-Fuel Oil, which led to the vessel’s CO2 emissions reduction by a minimum of 85%, and all SOx emissions on their voyages between Emden (Germany), Dublin (Ireland), Santander (Spain) and Setubal (Portugal) with Volkswagen Group’s cargo.

This decision comes at a time when the industry is fully focused on reducing shipping emissions, while the IMO MEPC conducted the past days highlighted the importance of reducing GHG emissions.

For this collaboration, GoodFuels provided its BFO,  a sustainably sourced biofuel recipe from various certified feedstocks labelled as waste or residue. BFO ‘drops in’ to normal fuel tanks, meaning no hardware changes are needed to realise instant emissions impact.

It is stated that this partnership represents GoodFuels’ aim to become the leading sustainable fuel supplier for the deep sea segment, and further positions sustainable marine biofuels as a prime solution in accelerating shipping’s decarbonisation puzzle in the next decade.

Referring to this project, Isabel Welten, Chief Commercial Officer at GoodFuels, stated that

The coming years are going to be momentous in terms of our decarbonisation journey, so we want to continue working with the market leaders to help make a real difference.

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