USCG: Catalog of COVID-19 Best Management Practices for US maritime industry

The catalog summarizes various best practices that have been instituted or developed or reported by the US maritime industry. Specifically, it is a compilation of publicly available industry best management practices and resources related to a variety of issues, including sanitation, health, and safety practices to protect the maritime industry – including merchant mariners – from the impacts of COVID-19.

This is part of the three new reference catalogs the Committee issued, in order to assist US merchant mariners and the marine transportation system. The catalogs are listed below:

The  serves as a Federal interagency coordinating committee for assessing the adequacy of the marine transportation system, promoting the integration of the marine transportation system with other modes of transportation and other uses of the marine environment, and coordinating, improving the coordination of, and making recommendations with regard to Federal policies that impact the marine transportation system.

On July 23, 2020, the CMTS Coordinating Board approved the establishment of a COVID-19 Working Group. Member agencies concurred that the COVID-19 Pandemic was impacting the Marine Transportation System (MTS) and stakeholders in a myriad of ways and that there could be benefit to enhanced interagency discussion and communication.

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