Update for crew sign on and off at Egypt

Accordingly, it is stated that before flying to Egypt, crewmembers should have documents available that would facilitate their entrance in the Egyptian borders.

The crew should hold a health certificate to ensure that they are free of diseases and illnesses.

In addition, upon arrical of crew at port, the agents responsible should present the following:

  1. list of names of crew
  2. regular passport
  3. seaman books
  4. formal request to health quarantine department at port to formally sign on the crew onboard
  5. attendance at health quarantine office to carryout rapid nedical exam
  6. physical attendance of the crew in front of immigration office, holding their original travel documents
  7. appointment card obtained at immigration office, stamped with local authorities’ stamps.

The completion of the above is usually followed by rapid PCR test / body temperature measure.

The paper also includes a list of private hospitals located in Cairo that accept possitive cases, while also provides detailed information concerning follow up and reporting.

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signing on and off procedures for crew, egyptian, or other nationalities

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