UKHO supports UK emergency services providing marine data sets

Specifically, these data sets complement the existing Simplified Marine Context Service, which was developed by the UKHO in response to a need for marine context data within a range of government applications.

The newly added data sets include extensive information on the UK Exclusive Economic Zone, Continental Shelf and Territorial Boundaries, UK port limits, current UK 6 and 12 nautical mile fishing limits and Marine Protected Areas. There is also vital information on essential offshore infrastructure and wreck data. As the service develops, additional layers will be added.

It is noted that the addition of the Simplified Marine Context service to the Cabinet Office’s ResilienceDirect platform will give civil protection practitioners access to vital marine data in the preparation, response and recovery phases of an event or emergency.

Luana Avagliano, Head of ResilienceDirect, commented

… the UK ResilienceDirect service now has sanitised digital marine coverage to provide a full capability where the land ends. Their world-leading digital services will support our community and assist with our mission to save lives and aim to keep the UK safe.

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