U.S. Coast Guard suspends the search for man jumped from Carnival cruise ship

On 23th July, according to the U.S. Coast Guard, a man-overboard search has been suspended for a passenger from a Carnival cruise ship who “jumped” over the side.

In particular, Canival Elation was under way on a return from a cruise to the Bahamas when a passenger was reported missing.

As explained, the man had not been seen since the morning. The crew searched the ship without success, a Carnival spokesperson said – but based a review of the security footage, “it was determined that he jumped” over the side.

The crew was notified by his traveling companion late (Sunday) afternoon about his missing status after he had not been seen all day.

..the cruise line said.

As informed, the U.S. Coast Guard received notice of a man-overboard situation from Carnival Elation and began a search at a position about 95 nm off the coast of Melbourne, Florida. By the time the effort launched, the cruise ship had sailed miles from the location of the MOB occurrence, and it was advised to continue to its home port in Jacksonville.

The U.S. Coast Guard has identified the missing passenger as Jaylen Hill, 30. In a statement, Carnival said that it is providing support to his family.

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