Two companies join forces for up to six zero-emission bulk carriers

TECO 2030 and Pherousa Green Shipping have signed a green package supply agreement for up to six zero-emission Ultramax dry bulk carriers.

The vessels will be 63,000-deadweight tons and will be equipped with a 12 MW fuel cell system for full propulsion. The system will be installed in combination with a Pherousa Green Technologies AS ammonia to hydrogen cracker. This will aim to solve the storage and infrastructure challenges of hydrogen as a marine fuel, paving the way for zero emission deep-sea shipping.

We are excited to team up with TECO 2030 and incorporate their Fuel Cell solution together with our own Cracking technology, permitting the Pherousa newbuildings to be the first ever fully electric deep-sea vessels on water

… said Hans Bredrup, Chairman of the Pherousa group.

According to TECO 2030, the combination of hydrogen fuel cells and an ammonia cracker allows shipowners to start with ammonia and transition to hydrogen as desired, minimizing investment risks. The total supply agreement is subject to financing of PGS’ newbuild vessels and reaching a final contract of supply, including closing price negotiations.

We are proud to sign a firm supply agreement for six vessels with Pherousa Green Shipping, they are a young forward-thinking shipowner who wants to realize zero emissions deep-sea shipping.

… commented Tore Enger, Group CEO TECO 2030.

The delivery scope is estimated to cost EUR 23 million per vessel.

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