Toyota Tsusho achieves continuous supply of biofuels in Japan

Toyota Tsusho announced in early May that, together with Toyotsu Energy they launched Japan’s first continuous supply of biodiesel blended fuel on a commercial basis to ships operated by Toyofuji Shipping at the Port of Nagoya in April.

This launch follows repeated biofuel supply trials for ships that Toyota Tsusho conducted at the Port of Nagoya, as well as studies into its effectiveness and practical application. Toyota Tsusho conducted its first biofuel operation trial at the Port of Singapore in April 2021.

Since then, it has conducted verification tests for the commercialization of biofuel, such as its effectiveness and supply operations, including biofuel supply trials at the Port of Nagoya from April 2022 using ship-to-ship bunkering, a method of fueling tugboats and coastal trading vessels operating within the port by a fuel supply ship sideways.

This supply is being made by Toyotsu Energy to Toyofuji Shipping’s car carrier Toyofuji Maru (coastal trading vessel), with which Toyotsu Energy has been conducting supply trials, using ship-to-ship bunkering.

Toyota Tsusho, in cooperation with Daiseki Eco. Solution, is continuing to procure waste cooking oil collected from the employee cafeterias and other facilities of Toyota Group and Toyota Tsusho Group companies, which is being refined and blended with heavy oil as part of the raw materials used for the biofuel being supplied.



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