Tool for remote vessel assessments launched

Specifically, IMSA launched a new tool that will conduct remote assessments of vessel networks worldwide.

It is reported that the tool will help protect large yachts, cargo vessels, and cruise lines along with their crews, passengers and cargo while enhancing security of the overall maritime environment and global supply chain.

This unique tool is part of a larger suite of cyber security tools IMSA has developed to support vessels and maritime facilities with expanding their cyber security defenses. Some of these cyber security tools are part of the ARMS software platform.

To remind, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) issued and implemented a series of regulations and guidelines on cyber risk management, with, last but not least, the adoption of the Resolution MSC.428(98). This resolution calls companies to report any cyber risk in their ISM Code no later than January 1, 2021.

Therefore, vessels are required to comply with this resolution.

Corey Ranslem, CEO of IMSA commented that given the current social distancing restrictions and lockdown measures it is not easy, practical or cost effective to send people onboard a vessel to conduct a cyber security assessment, so they developed this remote assessment tool.

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