The Mission to Seafarers offers new e-learning modules due to pandemic

To remind, WeCare programme was launched by The Mission to Seafarers back in January 2019, in order to address an issue at the very heart of seafarers’ mental health and wellbeing: relationships and emotions.

However, following the coronavirus pandemic which has impacted seafarers in many ways, including onboard quarantines and severely restricted crew changes, The Mission recognised the programme needed to adapt.

As explained, the two face-to-face programmes are being moved online to provide greater accessibility.

“Both courses are designed to help seafarers cope with concerns from home, which might lead to potential safety issues at sea. Produced by qualified professionals specifically for seafarers, the Mission believes this course is like no other”.

…The Mission added.

Therefore, due to restrictions for face-to-face interactions, ship visits or group workshops, WeCare transitioned to e-learning. Specifically, the e-learning programme will be available to seafarers from March 2021.

For the records, both flagship courses, Social Wellbeing and Financial Wellbeing, will blend multimedia content with reflective learning exercises to engage seafarers. Each course is one hour and is complemented by wellbeing videos, weblinks and downloads to use onboard.

“This new initiative is a solution to some of the main challenges seafarers are experiencing today. In creating these modules, we have run multiple focus groups, and spent many hours interviewing and learning from seafarers themselves, so we know that these courses reflect issues which matter to them”.

…The Revd Canon Andrew Wright, Secretary General, The Mission to Seafarers, commented.

By providing educational courses in social and financial wellbeing, WeCare has already reached more than 6,000 seafarers and their families.

“We are deeply grateful for the support the UK P&I Club, the TK Foundation, which has made this project possible and look forward to seeing the ongoing benefits of our new digital offering. WeCare is all about giving seafarers and their families a space to talk about their feelings and emotions, and to discuss how they can best support one another when they’re apart”.

….Thomas O’Hare, Project Manager, The Mission to Seafarers, added.

Concluding, the WeCare e-learning programme is available as a stand-alone product or through the Ocean Technologies Group platform.

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