Tero Marine, Maritime Training Services promote the benefits of using PMS

In fact, collaborators developed an e-learning module which focuses on the advantages of using a PMS software suite to digitally manage all aspects of a vessel’s maintenance procedures and documentation.

With so many customers considering implementing PMS tools, we thought it would be useful to create an informative resource. It shows both those onboard and in the office the benefit of using an interconnected software system that details all the aspects required to perform a maintenance job successfully and safely, from component lists and inventory control to detailed job descriptions and drawings.

…said Raal Harris, Creative Director, Ocean Technologies Group.

According to the companies, through this interactive training, ship operators will see the advantages of a PMS for managing a vessel’s maintenance procedures, while increase performance and safety during the operations.

The module illustrates how using a software based PMS as compared with its manual equivalent, is much more efficient and less time consuming, leading to fewer mistakes with lower risks and costs.

…as Maritime Training Services noted.

For the records, Maritime Training Services and Tero Marine are part of Ocean Technologies Group.

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