Tero Marine launches data tool to enhance operational efficiency

To better explain, the data tool converts real-time data into intuitive reports and charts which, when measured against pre-determined Key Performance Indicators, identify trends.

According to the company, the digital solution uncovers hidden problem areas, so remedial action can be taken to improve operational efficiency.

In light of the situation, Tero Marine collaborated with Microsoft’s Power BI software, to give companies a complete and transparent overview of business performance from any fixed or mobile device and in any location.

As well as giving an overview of total fleet performance, users can also drill down into more detail to view data by ship type or even by individual vessel. This makes tracking and identifying key areas of concern extremely easy and keeps costs under control.

…as the company stated.

During the first phase of the launch, TM concentrated on two key modules – maintenance and procurement.

Namely, its insights give a complete overview of the total number of purchase orders raised, total spend and procurement methods employed, while this information can be further broken down into analysis of purchase orders by type, department and order status.

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