Suspicious approach against tanker marks the 10th incident in Gulf of Guinea for November

Reports by maritime security firm Dryad Global indicate that the ship was approached by a skiff with an unknown number of persons aboard, while in Ghanaian waters, 22nm West of the edge of the Gulf of Guinea HRA and Togo TTW.

The skiff reportedly approached to within 0.5 nm of the vessel before leaving. According to AIS data, the vessel changed direction slightly around the time of the incident and maintained speed. Local authorities were notified.

This is the 10th incident in the Gulf of Guinea in November. The Gulf of Guinea HRA was raised to a critical risk rating, following seven incidents in the past week with several unsuccessful approaches and attacks, as well as two successful kidnappings in the last five days.

To remind, pirates kidnapped five crew from the Ghanaian-flagged general cargo vessel AM Delta off South Brass, and 14 crew from the Liberian-flagged Heavy Load carrier Zhen Hua 7 off Sao Tome.

As the rate of failed attacks increases, the perpetrators are highly likely to increase in desperation, both as a result of the increased risk to themselves from Naval counter piracy activity, but from logistical strain also. The design of this vessel is less vulnerable, likely discouraging an attempted attack however, as desperation increases attempts against vessels are highly likely to continue with smaller vessels and those of a vulnerable design offer increasingly opportune targets,

…Dryad Global advised.

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