Stranded seafarer onboard bulk carrier, attempts suicide

To remind, MV ANASTASIA crew have been onboard for more than a year and they are stuck on Anchorage in Caofeidian, due to the trade issues in China and Australia.

In fact, the growing trade dispute between Australia and China is taking place since June, with China refusing the shipments of coal into its ports.

This has left over 20 vessels loaded with coal waiting outside Chinese ports, while two Indian vessels, in particular, have become the symbol of dispute.

In light of the situation, a 47-year-old seafarer attempted suicide, since he was desperate to return to his family and felt severe mental stress.

As explained, the seafarer was initially contracted to serve on board the MSC-owned bulker Anastasia for five months, while his service has been extended to 13 months.

What is more, the seafarer wanted to return to India to his wife and sons who were suffering from COVID-19.

Although, he was unable to get permission, leading him to slit his wrist. Thankfully, the Ship’s Navigation Officer saved him at the last moment.

Credit: India Twitter

We are very worried for their safety and wellbeing on the ship, they are facing mental as well as physical challenges every day. Sitting ideally can make any person think about worst things in this world. They roam around on the ship like ghosts.

…as Shivraj Family member of Crew MV Anastasia stated.

Concluding, amid this crisis,  India called China to immediately help the 39 crew of the stranded cargo vessels MV Jag Anand and MV Anastasia.

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