Ships in Ukrainian ports should prepare for rigorous PSC inspections

In their recent advice, local consulting company Dias & Co report that they are receiving an increasing number of instructions to attend vessels undergoing PSC inspections and assist masters that have raised concerns on the approach taken by the PSC officers.

The crew of vessels calling at Ukrainian ports may wish to consider carrying out enhanced pre-inspection checks prior to arrival. The North Club has earlier issued relevant advice:

  • Before PSC: Do not wait for deficiencies to be found. If you know there are potential deficiencies point them out to the PSC inspector. Consider giving the inspector a list of all known deficiencies.(SOLAS I Reg.11(c)).
  • Before PSC: Do make sure you know the top ten port state control deficiencies. Remember that ISM related deficiencies will count as 5 marks in the Paris MOU ship risk profile calculator.
  • During PSC: Do not just accept what the PSC inspector is telling you. Be prepared to discuss the points being raised and ask the inspector to give the exact convention reference relating to the alleged deficiency.
  • After PSC: Do be prepared to appeal deficiencies and detentions. Procedures vary, all have a time limit, and many specify the persons who can appeal. Your target should always be nil deficiencies.
  • After PSC: Do remember that a detention and/or multiple deficiencies will have a negative impact on ship ratings and may bring bad press. Performance ratings of Flag States and recognised organisations are affected too.

A relevant Checklist by the North of England P&I Club

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