Shipping must focus more on cyber security methods

Specifically, speaking during the Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Conference, Me Densham noted that the cyber incidents that have been observed in the industry have showed an increase during the pandemic.

He highlighted that shipping is more vulnerable than ever keeping in mind that the industry is now developing technologically and is now discovering new paths. He commented that “moving online opens up the attack surface with more opportunities for hackers.”

The matter of compliance and security was in the spotlight, with Mr. Densham arguing that it is important to focus on security and compliance at the same time. He stressed that building cyber security into assets at the design stage is fine, but systems subsequently need constant attention in operation to guard against the speed and agility of threats and attacks in the cyber arena.

Cyber resilience remains a powerful tool for the shipping industry, as remote connectivity and automation affect and change many long-established shipping business models. Consequently, companies must focus on cyber risks and their possible impact, he stressed, because they pose a constant threat that runs through all aspects of business.

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