Second COVID-19 wave hits ships in Australia, New Zealand

Specifically, Western Australia’s Department of Health confirmed a positive case on the Al Messilah, a Kuwait-flagged livestock carrier. After the first case, another 24 of the remaining 51 crewmembers tested positive for coronavirus.

In addition, another COVID-19 case has been reported onboard a Panamax bulker, identified as Key Integrity, at Geraldton Port. The crew member remains onboard the vessel in their cabin, and no-one will be disembarked, except for medical attention.

During the past three weeks, four COVID-19-hit ships arrived in Western Australia.

As for New Zealand, most cases are coming into the country from overseas, instead of a community spread. In fact, a situation started when a marine electronics engineer working as a contractor to ships arriving in New Zealand informed health authorities that he was experiencing symptoms of the virus.

Test results indicated thw worker as positive for the virus. The engineer worked on board a container ship on October 12 and 13 in the port of Auckland. At the same time, eight crew arrived from the Philippines and four left the ship after having been aboard since March.

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