Seafarers’ unhappiness widespread due to COVID-19

Namely, the latest Seafarers Happiness Index showed that the ongoing crew change crisis has chipped away at seafarers’ hopes for action to resolve the impact of extended employment contracts.

Although the hapiness index increased to 6.35, from 6.18 for the second quarter of 2020, the scores dropped as the third quarter progressed.

Among others, the survery revealed that 27% of the respondents experience poor management of workload and fatigue in their teams and aren’t able to get a good quality of sleep.

Additionally, respondents reported that they aren’t socialising onboard, not being able to exercise as much as they would like to and not having access to good quality food.

As explained, there are indications of crew pulling together and a growing sense of unity in the face of the unprecedented outbtreak they are dealing with.

However, other seafarers reported more social conflict on ships, as the social bonds between crewmates come under pressure.

At the same time, protective measures onboard, including wearing masks and social distancing, have weakened social cohesion, causing loneliness among seafarers.

Concluding, in terms of the crew change crisis, some seafarers report feeling caught between the restrictions shore leave and fears of COVID-19 exposure if they do go ashore.

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