Seafarers’ health must be at the top of shipping’s agenda after COVID-19

Namely, MCTC noted that shipping industry must continue to focus on supporting seafarers’ overall wellbeing and health despite the prospect of a silver bullet in the arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine.

As explained, although the vaccine provides a return to normality, seafarers health still needs to be at the top of shipping’s agenda.

What is more, it is seen that coronavirus has really shaken up shipping industry to focus on health. However, MCTC expressed concerns that people will resort to old habits post-COVID-19.

During the pandemic the industry’s priority has been to keep seafarers safe through encouraging social distancing, face masks, promoting exercise and a healthy diet. After COVID-19, the industry needs to remember that the workforce must stay healthy.

…MCTC’s Managing Director, Christian Ioannou, said.

Concluding, MCTC stated that leading a healthy lifestyle is paramount in helping to tackle the virus, while good nutrition needs to stay at the top of the list.

The health of our seafarers is important, and we need to keep building a better and healthier industry.

…as Mr Christian Ioannou stressed.

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