Russian frigate collides with container ship in Danish waters

In fact, the Ice rose was en route from St. Petersburg to Gothenburg, when collided with the Russian frigate.

According to local sources, the vessel was supposed to arrive in Gothenburg on September 23 at 22.00 Moscow time.

However, at 10.59 Moscow time the vessel changed its course and began to move in a circle, and then in the opposite direction.

The reason for the collision still remain unclear, as it is reported that the Russian vessel had permission to be in Danish waters and had notified Danish authorities of its presence.

For the records, the collision site was in Copenhagen, near the bridge which links Denmark and Sweden.

Following the situation, a Danish naval patrol ship P523 and a Swedish tug, as well as a helicopter of Swedish rescuers, arrived in the emergency area.

Concluding, no one appeared to have been injured, while there have been no reports of any leaks during the collision.

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