Russia turns to India and China to establish trade corridors

In the wake of multiple sanctions levied against Russia in response to the ongoing conflict with Ukraine, the Russian Federation is actively exploring alternative avenues to mitigate the impact. One such approach involves forging closer ties with two major global powers, namely India and China.

According to Indian news agencies, India and Russia are exploring new transport corridors like the Northern Sea Route (NSR) and the Eastern Maritime Corridor (EMC) between Vladivostok and Chennai.

Both sides agreed that Indian seafarers will be trained on Polar and Arctic waters at the Russian Maritime Training Institute in Vladivostok, equipped with simulators.

A workshop is set to take place in Chennai to address the implementation of the EMC (East Coast Economic Corridor). The workshop will bring together key stakeholders involved in the trading and transportation of commodities like coking coal, oil, LNG, and fertilisers along the corridor.

In a recent development, Global Ports and Hua Xin Container Lines have jointly announced a contract aimed at bolstering cargo transportation between China and Russia. This strategic partnership, unveiled on September 11, is set to facilitate and optimise the movement of goods between the two nations.

Moreover, in a surprising move and controversial move, Russia has successfully deployed a conventional, and not ice class, oil tanker along the Northern Sea Route. In the early hours of September 11, 2023, Leonid Loza set sail from the Umba FSO anchorage heading to Ningbo, China.


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