RightShip, Pilbara Ports Authority develop pilot Maritime Emissions Portal

Following RightShip’s collaboration with the Australian Marine Environment Protection Association (AUSMEPA) for the Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP), the digital tool is now available for commercial use.

As explained, MEP goals to support port operators to better and more accurately understand ship-based emissions, and based on that evidence identify opportunities to develop management strategies.

Through the platform, port authorities can use several filters including ship type, points of interest, vessel age and emissions type to develop a clear view of vessel activity while in port.

There is a real opportunity for port operators, through use of the MEP, to more accurately understand the ship-based emissions profile within their port areas and to also understand the extent to which ship sourced emissions are contributing to total air shed emissions for the area.

…Kris Fumberger, Global Sustainability Manager, RightShip, said.

In light of the above, Pilbara Ports Authority collaborated with RightShip, in an effort to develop the MEP platform and explore a clear insight into the port’s marine emissions profile.

With the support of Google and our AUSMEPA partnership, RightShip is pleased to have successfully tested this product with the Pilbara Port Authority. We are now confident this tool can be delivered to any port seeking to monitor and reduce its emissions.

…as .Kris Fumberger added.

In addition, the portal allows port environment managers to look at all the emissions from ocean-going vessels, OSVs and tugboats, while identify opportunities for better environmental protection.

Early indications are that the MEP will be a useful tool for both port authorities and port operators to better understand shipping emissions and therefore consider management opportunities to address these emissions in balance with land-based sources.

…..Roger Johnston, CEO, Pilbara Ports Authority, concluded.

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