Potential piracy attack on bunkering vessel in Gulf of Guinea

According to Dryad Global, the SSAS was activated on a vessel whilst in transit 200nm west of Sao Tome. A further report indicated that the company has been unable to contact the vessel.

The vessel is understood to have departed Limboh anchorage on the 20th October heading in a South West Direction.

While details remain unclear the vessel can be seen to have recorded her departure from Limboh anchorage on the 20th October heading in a South West Direction.

The vessel ceased broadcasting on AIS at around 1500 on the same day. Currently there is no evidence to link the absence of AIS signature with any potential incident.

If confirmed this will be the second incident within 2020 taking place at the 200nm range, further confirming the trend of PAG’s seeking to reduce the downside risk of piracy by conducting operations in areas with a relative absence of counter piracy enforcement.

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