Port of Rotterdam sets online digitisation programme

According to the port authority, the initiative offers port professionals a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics of the port industry through several training programs.

With STC International a new online programme is developed to offer in-depth insight on the digitisation topic. The COVID-19 crisis has shown to which extent we are dependent on technology and digital solutions to keep our industries operational. This will undoubtedly give the digital transition new momentum in the years ahead.

Fo the records, the Port Management Programme on Digitisation is a six week online course, while the participants are introduced to the major aspects of digitisation.

In 3.5 to 4 hours per week, a variety of subjects will be dealt with, such as: the history of digitisation, the five step model, digital maturity, standardisation, challenges, digitisation and finance, stakeholder management, and innovation. Concluding, the programme includes several interactive workshops.

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