Port of Helsinki issues COVID-19 tips for passengers

It is reminded that on 10 December, the Government decided to extend the restrictions on entry into the country until 12 January 2021.

Although the number of new cases in Finland started to rise in the autumn after a calmer period in the summer, differences between the epidemiological situations in Finland and many other countries have recently grown sharply. It is therefore not justified to ease the restrictions until the new health security measures under preparation have been made sufficiently available.

Port of Helsinki advises passengers to uses the “FINENTRY” digital service, in order to ease their travel and manage the coronavirus testing that may be required for entry.

Accordingly, it is explained that FINENTRY  enables you to:

  • make an appointment for a coronavirus test in Finland
  • get instructions for arriving at your test via SMS
  • get your coronavirus test result via SMS.

Measures in terminals in Helsinki

Both ports and shipping companies are prepared for safe passenger traffic in many ways.

The port explains that

We are working in close cooperation with the authorities and  passengers should also familiarise themselves with instructions issued by the authorities and comply with the hygiene and health regulations put in place by the authorities.

The measures followed are:

  • Terminals are cleaned more thoroughly and surfaces are disinfected regularly.
  • Terminals are equipped with disinfectant stations for passengers.
  • Passengers are reminded to maintain good hand hygiene and safety distances with the help of signs and markings, for example.
  • Use of facial masks is strongly recommended. There is a limited amount of them available at the terminals.

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