Port of Gothenburg acquires first-of-its-kind port optimization portal

Data optimization is a priority for the shipping industry, as shipping stakeholders will be rapidly connected and share data. In regards to data sharing, Andreas Chrysostomou, CEO, Marine Fields, has highlighted that data sharing allows actors associated to port call operations to share data that transcends the boundaries of company structures, alliances, and ownership.

It is highlighted that this first-of-its-kind information portal marks the first use of Port Optimizer by a European port.

Port Optimizer is a cloud-based software solution integrating data from across the port ecosystem. Its role is to help address key port challenges, including lack of advanced visibility to cargo in transit, disparate and inaccurate data sources, hidden inefficiencies, and conflicting objectives between community members. Disparate data sources are integrated from players across the supply chain to create a single source of information for the entire shipping process.

Malin Collin, Deputy CEO at the Gothenburg Port Authority commented that

Despite the pandemic, the Port of Gothenburg container terminal has been working at full capacity and with no cancelled calls by mainline vessels, which are responsible for the vital direct weekly services between Gothenburg and Asia.

Similarly in the States, Port of Los Angeles launched a new supply chain key dashboard data in order that all supply chain stakeholders have access and can use forward-looking information to better plan and prepare for inbound cargo.

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