Port of Antwerp uses GDP for pharmaceuticals to handle logistic risks

The launch of the COVID-19 vaccine may cause mayhem to the logistics chains, something that IUMI recently warned. As a matter of fact, IUMI stated that one challenge arising from the vaccine would be the lack of capacity in the supply chain.

Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO at Port of Antwerp comments that

Distributing billions of vaccines poses an unprecedented logistical challenge and will push the boundaries of logistics chains.

Therefore, the Port of Antwerp is closely collaborating with the World Economic Forum to find solutions to the various issues that may arise by this huge logistics operation.

It is reported that the port of Antwerp has more than 60,000m³ of storage space, 8,000 plugs for refrigerated containers and excellent multimodality, being a key factor for the smooth distribution of products from the Life Sciences & Healthcare industry.

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