Port of Amsterdam launches platform for companies to share electricity

Companies in the port of Amsterdam are running up against the limits of the capacity on the existing electricity grid. By joining SEP they can share electricity with each other.

This will save the companies costs and make better use of the available electricity infrastructure in the port. The latter is the reason why SEP was created. SEP focuses specifically on optimizing the energy supply in the port area. This contributes to an improved and sustainable business climate.

In addition to electricity from affiliated companies, electricity from the Ruigoord wind farm and waste incinerator AEB is also offered on the platform. Every 15 minutes, the platform ensures that the supply and demand of the affiliated companies are matched. If there is a match, both companies are better off.

Commenting on the new platform, Peter Molengraaf, director of SEP and former CEO of Alliander, said:

The electricity infrastructure in the Amsterdam port will be expanded significantly in the coming years. But the sustainable supply and demand for electricity is growing faster. There is also more volatility on the energy grid, for example at times when the wind is blowing hard or when the electric company cars need to be charged. By allowing companies to share and collaborate intelligently at peak times, the existing electricity infrastructure is better utilized and costs can be saved

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