Peninsula continues biofuel supply business with a delivery to Norden

Peninsula, has completed its first sustainable biofuel delivery to DS NORDEN. The receiving vessel was NORDEN’s 62,594 dwt bulk carrier, La Luna.

In particular, Peninsula’s BIO blend (VLSFO B24) was derived from Used Cooking Oil (UCO) and delivered by the chemical tanker, Hercules Sky, one of the latest vessels to join the Peninsula fleet. The growing demand for biofuels in the Mediterranean reinforces the company’s decision to add the product to its range of marine energy solutions.

Peninsula’s biofuels are drop in, low-carbon, options that require little to no retrofitting or change to receiving vessels. The International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) accreditation facilitates the supply of biofuels from feedstocks that have fully traceable, sustainable and GHG reducing supply chains. This enables Peninsula to directly support customers seeking help to lower their carbon emissions.

Peninsula is constantly progressing its decarbonisation strategy according to customer needs. Based on detailed customer interaction, we are confident that biofuels will form a meaningful emissions reduction solution. Sustainable biofuel therefore forms a core part of Peninsula’s product strategy.

Biofuel adds another lower carbon option to Peninsula’s diversified product offering and marks a further significant step towards our collective transition to a zero carbon future.

..said John Bassadone, Peninsula’s CEO.

The Mediterranean is a key region for global shipping, and the Gibraltar Strait enjoys an excellent strategic vantage point to capture the inevitable, imminent increase in Biofuel demand.

..said Nacho de Miguel, Peninsula’s Head of Sustainability.

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