Paris Agreement Committee discusses next steps

Specifically, the PAICC’s work will be guided by the provisions of the Paris Agreement.

Once completed, the Rules of Procedure will address any matters necessary for the proper and effective functioning of the PAICC, including the role of the PAICC Co-Chairs, conflict of interest, timelines for the PAICC’s work, as well as reasoning in decisions of the PAICC.

First discussions at the meeting zoomed in on the guiding principles of the PAICC and how facilitation and compliance cases could be initiated.

Mr. Haseeb Gohar, Co-Chair of PAICC, stated that

While we focused on these three elements, it is clear from these discussions how important it is to recognize the interlinkages between various other elements in the Modalities and Procedures of the PAICC. It was a useful and rich discussion.

Moreover, the Committee discussed of its future functioning, with the aid of two possible scenarios where Parties might experience challenges in implementation of or compliance with the provisions of the Paris Agreement.

Ms. Christina Voigt, Co-Chair of the PAICC, added that

The exercise of examining such situations is very technical in nature and guided our thinking, as a committee, on how the PAICC would work in practice.

Work on the draft Rules of Procedure is based on a 2018 mandate. The draft will next year be recommended for consideration and adoption to the Paris Agreement’s top decision-making body, the CMA, which oversees the implementation of the Paris Agreement and takes decisions to promote its effective implementation.

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