Panama Shipping Registry joins MACN fighting corruption

MACN has shed its focus on promoting a global anonymous incident reporting system for seafarers while it looks for further developing its projects in the Suez Canal, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Argentina and starting a new one in India.

It was established in 2011, by a small group of maritime companies committed to eliminating all forms of maritime corruption, and now it has grown into a pre-eminent assembly of more than 130 companies globally decided to raise awareness and mitigate the root causes of corruption in the maritime industry.

Now, Panama’s director of the Ship Registry, Rafael Cigarruista, expressed the Registry’s commitment in tackling corruption and supporting MACN in its vision of fair trade and a free-corruption maritime industry.

Cigarruista commented that

It is of utmost importance for the Ship Registry to contribute to developing best practices within our organization with our 53 Consulates and 13 International Offices round the world supporting the initiative and our diligence.

Panama Ship Registry is well aware of the challenges faced and we are ready to implement the Anti-Corruption Principles drawn by the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network as well as contributing to collective actions and sustainable changes of the operating environment, concluded Cigarruista.

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