Panama reaches 11.050 movements related to crew changes

Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), includes various government institutions, shipping companies and agencies.

Following the situation, all the above-mentioned parties provided an immediate response to seafarers and to the crew who need to return home.

Specifically, from March 19, 2020 until October 28, the total sum of 11.050 movements related to crew change was reached.

Broken down into: 7.323 (repatriations and landings) and the embarkation of 3.727 sailors from various nationalities, including Panamanians, from different types of vessels that arrived in our jurisdictional waters and ports, both by sea and by air, which has been a valuable and rewarding experience.

….AMP noted.

For the records, since October 12, the Republic of Panama, through the Tocumen International Airport, the country’s main air terminal and connection center in Latin America, resumed its operations for its international commercial flights, after seven months of industry paralysis, product of the pandemic.

This reactivation has contributed to normalizing and facilitating the relief of crews on ships that are in our jurisdictional waters.

….AMP added.

Overall, Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) will continue to provide assistance to seafarers who require it, in terms of embarkation, disembarkation and repatriations.



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