One dead and several injuries in cargo ship fire in Netherlands

According to Dutch Coast Guard, one person died and several others were hurt when a fire broke out on a cargo ship carrying cars off the northern tip of Netherlands, forcing several crew members to jump overboard.

In particular, the vessel Fremantle Highway, had 23 crew members onboard and was sailing 27 kilometres north of Ameland.

The crew initially attempted to extinguish the fire themselves but were unsuccessful. The fire continued to spread, prompting an evacuation. The crew members were evacuated by helicopters and lifeboats. Several members of the crew had to jump into the water to save themselves from the fire.

As explained, one crew member died and several were injured.

However, the vessel is still on fire and several emergency services are still present near the ship and there are fears that the vessel may sink.

The ship is located near the Wadden Islands which are a World Heritage area.

As informed, if the ship were to sink the environmental effects on the area would be immense.

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