Odfjell plans to have climate-neutral fleet from 2050

We believe that climate change poses a severe threat to society and business. Failing to operate in a sustainable way present significant risks to our industry, locally and globally. Climate risk affects all businesses – but also creates many opportunities for those able to adapt and willing to work to make a positive change. That is why sustainability and safety are integral parts of our business

commented Øistein Jensen, Chief Sustainability Officer.

To improve fuel efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and emissions, Odfjell is investing in new ships, optimize data-driven decisions, deploying retrofit programs, and invest in new technology.

Since 2008, Odfjell has run several environmental and efficiency programs, resulting in an almost 30% reduction in its carbon intensity from 2008. Now, the company has set more environmental goals, which include the following:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emission by 50% by 2030 compared to 2008;
  • Pursue a zero-emission strategy and only order vessels with zero-emission technology from 2030;
  • Have a climate-neutral fleet from 2050;
  • Support initiatives to develop technology and infrastructure for zero emissions and support international regulation to drive zero-emission for the industry.

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