NYK Group orders all staff to work from home due to COVID-19

As the company explained, staff may be required to work at the office for as short a time as possible only if their managers determine it necessary for them to be at the office.

At the same time, meetings with customers such as face-to-face meetings, will be prohibited and replaced by online meetings via digital applications.

“Our company staff may visit customers’ offices, but only after receiving permission from the customers in advance and giving utmost consideration to the importance and necessity of the matter. We ask customers to refrain from visiting our office with the exception of special cases”.

…the company added.

In light of the outbreak situation, NYK Group considers prevention of the spread of Covid-19 and the health and safety of the company’s employees to be of utmost importance and will continue to operate vessels safely to ensure the stable transportation of energy, resources, and materials that support people’s lives.

Concluding, it is known that working from home has been a remarkable “emergency solution” for the world to keep moving during the COVID-19 outbreak, but is forecast to become an accelerating long-term trend, while on the other hand it has completely changed the way employees work and their overall career progression.

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