Norden and Teck join forces to reduce steelmaking coal supply chain emissions

Norden and Teck Resources Limited mining company announced they have signed an agreement to reduce CO2 emissions in Teck’s steelmaking coal supply chain.

According to Norden, the agreement is expected to reduce annual emissions from Teck shipments handled by Norden by 25%, or up to 6,700 tonnes of CO², equivalent to removing over 1,400 passenger vehicles from the road.

This innovative partnership with Norden is expected to reduce Scope 3 emissions associated with transportation of Teck’s steelmaking coal, reducing our carbon footprint and advancing progress developing green transportation corridors

… said Jonathan Price, CEO, Teck.

Norden informs that it aims to achieve emission reductions by utilising a range of solutions, including the use of fuel-efficient ships and alternative fuels such as biofuel in combination with an intelligent use of advanced data analytics to optimise vessel speed and routing.

To remind, on the subject of biofuels, in early August Norden acquired a minority stake in Mash Makes, a Danish-Indian biofuel scale-up, which researches, develops and produces renewable fuels from biomass waste.

Norden’s strategy of helping our customers decarbonise their supply chains means that we in addition to committing to carbon neutrality in 2050, have short to medium-term commitments, where our goal is to make carbon emission reductions towards 2030.

… added Norden CEO, Jan Rindbo


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