Newly designed coating for ballast tanks needs only one application

ABS completed the Product Design Assessment on the epoxy paint, while the Marshall Islands Registry granted the system Approval in Principle (AiP).

The system is designed to offer equivalent corrosion prevention performance and reduced costs, when compared to traditional two coat systems, while ensuring compliance with international regulations.

Following the global trends of eco-friendliness in the shipbuilding industry, the acquisition of AiP will not only contribute to the technological development in the marine coating market, but also maximize the satisfaction of our clients around the globe,

…Hwansik Lee, Senior Vice President of HHI Group, said.

This comes as IMO Resolution MSC.215(82) allows for the acceptance of alternative systems at least equivalent to the standard specified therein, added Tom Blenk, Deputy Commissioner of Maritime Affairs of the MIR.

This product is also a win in its dramatic reduction of volatile organic compounds which is good news for our environmentally conscientious shipowning community,

…he concluded.

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