New Zealand: Update to COVID-19 guidance

Industry consultation on the updated crew change process will continue this month and will be released once finalized.


COVID-19 testing reminder

Anyone who spends more than 15 minutes in an enclosed space on an affected ship, and Pilots carrying out work on or around an affected ship, will need to be tested every 7 days.

An affected ship is one where people onboard are required to be in isolation or quarantine under a COVID-19 Order.

Workers who need to be tested every 14 days include:

  • Stevedores who carry out work on or around an affected ship
  • Persons who board, or have boarded, an affected ship
  • Workers who transport persons to or from an affected ship
  • All other port workers who interact with persons required to be in isolation or quarantine under a COVID-19 order.

It is important that port workers and those carrying out tasks within the port environment follow the testing regime that is currently in force.

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Guidelines for NZ workers aboard international ships

Maritime NZ has also issued guidance on PPE usage and other practices designed to safeguard the health of NZ workers and international seafarers.

  • Before stepping on the gangway, ensure appropriate hand protection is in place (sanitising has occurred or gloves are in use) and face coverings are on and adjusted properly.
  • Face coverings must be worn while boarding and disembarking the ship via gangways and ladders (but are not mandatory on spreaders, roro ramps, and other means of embarking/disembarking, if other controls such as physical distancing can be achieved).
  • Do not access the gangway if others are coming up or down it in the opposite direction.
  • People moving in the same direction on the gangway should physically distance themselves from crew.
  • After stepping off the gangway onto the ship’s main deck and signing in at the ship’s security desk (as applicable), sanitise hands and gloves (if not using disposable gloves). Continue to wear your face covering until away from crew.
  • Face coverings must be worn when transiting between work areas and/or tasks while on the vessel, and you should sanitise your hands upon reaching and prior to leaving each work area.
  • When you report to a work area, follow the PCBU’s2 procedures for reducing the risk of contracting COVID-19.
  • Properly retain or dispose of PPE when not required to be worn.
  • Non-disposable PPE such as work gloves (cloth or leather) and some respirators must be sanitised after use in high-traffic areas aboard the ship where crew are known to transit. Refer to the manufacturers’ instructions when cleaning re-usable PPE.
  • Wear gloves in work areas such as crane cabs, or ensure they are properly disinfected before using them.


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