New “Seafarers delivering Christmas” initiative launched

This is the latest of a serious of new initiatives across the industry aiming to show appreciation to seafarers, thousands of whom remain trapped onboard ships or are unable to sign in due to global travel restrictions, significantly affecting their mental and physical wellbeing.

Therefore, in response to this situation, BIMCO encourages its members to participate in any of the following ways, so as to send out a strong message of support and appreciation for these key workers and the work that they do:

  • Donate gifts and money to the seafarers missions and seafarer charities
  • Provide 10 minute free telephone calls
  • Join in by making the 12 days of Christmas Singalong video
  • Provide access to company or other support helplines for seafarers
  • Organise festive activities.

A special survey by Lloyd’s Register on maritime workers’ wellbeing during COVID-19 revealed that seafarers feel forgotten and abandoned, amid the ongoing crew change crisis.

Earlier in November, a first of its kind project between the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) and the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB), under the name ‘Delivering on seafarers’ rights‘, was launched to address a wide gap in seafarers’ labour and human rights.

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