New project seeks to accelerate SOFC technology for shipping decarbonization

Swedish technology company Alfa Laval will head the development initiative, with the aim to find scalable solutions for noncarbon fuels for the shipping industry.

Specifically, the project, ‘SOFC4Maritime’, will target utilization of future green fuels – such as ammonia, hydrogen or bio-methane – for power production onboard marine vessels.

This is in line with the IMO target of a 50% reduction of vessel-related greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and as the industry is looking to adopt new fuel types and technologies, in order to achieve the long-term target of decarbonization.

Addressing shipping’s environmental challenges – and climate change in particular – will require a diverse range of strong technologies. By partnering with fellow marine industry experts, we can investigate the possibilities and bring them to fruition in time to make a difference,

…says Sameer Kalra, President of the Marine Division.

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