New Maritime Decarbonisation Hub to support GHG reduction goals

The Maritime Decarbonization Hub, a joint initiative between Lloyd’s Register Group and Foundation, brings together leaders and matter experts to help the maritime industry develop and commercialize the pathways to future fuels required for decarbonization. Meanwhile, a steering group of external stakeholders is in place to ensure the hub focuses on the challenges that matter to industry.

 The LR Maritime Decarbonisation Hub will provide key stakeholders in the value chain with guidance at every step of their journey as they reduce the carbon intensity of their operations. At the same time, it will offer policy makers evidence-based advice on the most efficient means of enabling and supporting this transition,

…stated Charles Haskell, LR’s Decarbonization Programme Manager.

Therefore, the LR Maritime Decarbonization Hub is open to undertaking partnerships with stakeholders across the industry. Through collaboration, producing and sharing evidence-based research, the Maritime Decarbonisation Hub seeks to help steer charterers, owners and operators, financiers, ports, yards, fuel suppliers and regulators among others through the technically complex decision-making and robust investment considerations they will encounter during this transition towards industry transformation.

LR has earlier noted that in order to achieve at least a 50% reduction in CO2 by 2050, it is of a great importance for zero-emission vessels (ZEVs) to enter the fleet around 2030.

Lloyd’s Register is committed to collaboratively working with all industry stakeholders to decarbonize shipping. For this to happen, zero-carbon vessels must enter the world fleet by 2030, along with the necessary fuels and landside infrastructure to support this. By centralizing our expertise with the creation of the LR Maritime Decarbonization Hub, we can actively collaborate with players across the industry to achieve these ambitions,

…said LR Marine and Offshore Director Nick Brown.

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