New BWMS type approval standard enters into force from 28 October

The BWMS Code, adopted at IMO MEPC 72 and in effect from 10 October 2019, allows ongoing use of BWMS that have been approved through the original G8 Guidelines. Those BWMS approved before 28th October 2018 can be installed on board ships before 28th October 2020 and will not need modifications or redesign to be compliant, DNV GL explained.

However, from 28 October 2020, all BWMS that are installed on a ship must have been approved using either the revised 2016 Guidelines or the BWMS Code.

If an installation takes place after 28 October 2020, ship owners that sail outside US waters must ensure that the BWMS they install has been approved under the updated approval scheme.

BWMS approved under the previous guidelines will not be compliant if they are installed after 28th October 2020.

For new buildings, the issue of an “unforeseen delay” is addressed in IMO Circular Letter No.4204/Add.7.

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